CMIT - Solutions 50 Promotion

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50 Promotion and how you can benefit from what it offers.

CMIT - Solutions has embarked on a promotion that will allow you to benefit from referring our World Class services to others. All it takes is you signing up in the form below.

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About our 50 Promotion

Our 50 Promotion is simply us paying you for referrals. We pay you US$50 per referral***.

How it Works

Our promotion is as simple as this: You (Our Referrer) refers X person/company/place/whatever for one of the many services we offer. X gets in touch with CMIT - Solutions whether through you (the referrer) or directly (remember to ensure the Referee outlines who the Referrer was). We make a note of the details of the transaction. X Pays their deposit, you get 50 credits - no questions asked!

Each credit can be seen as equivalent to US$1. You get credits in batches of 50/valid referral. You can cash out your credits for the cash equivalent and/or many items we will have from time to time as part of our promotions. You will need to amass a minimum of 50 credits (equivalent to 1 valid referral).

View the items you can trade in your credits for here

What We Will Ensure

We will keep track of each person's earnings and will make payments within 5 business days of your making a valid request. You will be contacted to determine what amount should be your default payment upon signing up. We will always verify with you before we make payments to ensure contact information is up-to-date. Currently, defaults are sent to the chosen payment method when your amounts have reached our payment threshold of 300 credits. However, you can indicate to us if you wish to receive payments at lower sums (minimum 50 credits).

We will ensure that all records of sign-ups and credits earned will be kept in a safe and secure manner, all personal information and/or details given to us will be dealt with according to our Privacy Policy. We will not sell, trade or give away any such information without first notifying you prior to such actions. Further information can be obtained in our Privacy Policy.

What is Expected of You

You are under no obligations whatsoever. There is no minimum amount of referrals to make to be paid. Once you make a valid referral and the Referee meets all the requirements, you can either choose to amass more credits or cash out on the credits you already have. We only request that you make yourself familiar with our services and costs, our payment plans and payment options and make every effort to accurately outline what we offer to potential referees. Any false representation of what we do will render your referral invalid. It is advised that you contact us via our contact information listed on our website to be clear on everything we do and have to offer.

Any changes, adjustments, new promotions, etc., will be sent out via email so it is good to sign up to keep track of any such events. From time to time, we will have ongoing promotions and give-aways to our top referrers.

Ongoing Promotion

Every now and then we will have give-aways for our top referrers. The next promotion will see our top referrer being awarded a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 as the top prize! Promotion starts 12:00AM February 20, 2015 and ends 11:59 May 31, 2015.

Prizes up for Grabs

  • Main Prize: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 or $250 in Cash
  • Second Prize: 1 Terabyte Toshiba Portable Hard Drive or $100 in Cash
  • Third Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card or $50 in Cash
  • 5 Consolation Prizes of 16 GB Sandisk Flash Drives or Micro SD Cards

In order to Qualify, you would need to have signed up before the end of the promotion and would have had to have made at least 10 valid referrals before the 11:59PM on May 31, 2015. You must follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook and Subscribe to us on Google+ to be eligible. All cash figures are in United States Dollars (unless otherwise stated). Contact us for more information.

*      In order to use this option, you must make at least 3 referrals and the cost of US$40 for Wire Transfer Fees will be taken from the amounts you have earned.

**    Only Western Union and MoneyGram Services are used. No less than US$200 will be sent and no more than US$1000. Applicable fees will be taken from the amounts you have earned.

***  Each referred customer must choose a package above US$250. A non-exhaustive list of our services can be found here